White Borneo

White Borneo


White Borneo Kratom might be one of the only strains where I’d say that it’s okay to start off with 3-4 grams even if you’re new to this strain. But always make sure to work your way up and dose Kratom properly. I feel that it’s always a good idea to remind people not to burn too much Kratom too fast.

Sometimes the aroma is slow to appear. Be patient and wait half an hour to an hour before trying a second dose. You don’t take a Tylenol pill and wonder why your headache hasn’t disappeared after only 10 minutes. Refer to our Kratom dosage guidelines if you want to refresh up on the basics




It’s worth mentioning that most users are very positive about the effects White Borneo has on them.

Let’s go over the most common effects people experience with White Borneo Kratom!

White Borneo Kratom is great for getting things done. It is known for increasing concentration. By providing sharpened focus and improved concentration you will be able to work much better.

Especially if you have a high workload this strain can offer help. When I have a long intensive day at work I usually choose to go with White Borneo. The increased mental ability is very helpful when you have a lot of work to take care of.

You will hear plenty of people say that this strain gives them energy. White Veins can be very energizing. The bursts of energy seem to go hand in hand with the improved focus and concentration.

This type of strain can be very uplifting. It can also have euphoric effects which will most certainly help improve your mood.


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