Red Vietnam

Red Vietnam


Growing conditions can play a big role in the quality of the kratom you buy. Kratom is a tropical tree that thrives on tropical environments. In Vietnam, the weather and conditions are different than other countries producing kratom in bulk.

A lot of kratom grown in Vietnam comes from areas near the Mekong River. The area is known for having rich minerals that many believe influences the kratom grown there. While Vietnam has similar effects to many other kratom strains, there is differences that others are now just learning about.




With Vietnam kratom, there’s a number of different effects and benefits this specific strain is becoming known for. Before we jump in, a good rule of thumb is to remember how kratom can give both stimulating and sedative effects. In low doses, kratom can give you stimulation effects while large doses can be sedative. (Don’t forget that, it applies to all kratom).

One of the main benefits kratom is known for is pain relief, Vietnam is no different. For any of you that suffer from pain and want a natural product that relieves pain, Vietnam may be able to help. We also know it’s good for chronic pain too. Kratom is able to interact with your pain receptors, in similar ways as opioids react to them. Vietnam can help you block pain, allowing you to get relief.

Vietnam can have sedation, relaxing and euphoria effects in medium to larger doses. This is why Vietnam kratom may be able to help with stress, anxiety and depression. For anyone that has a mind that races, this may be able to help you ease your mind, even helping with sleep.

Just like other kratom strains, Vietnam contains mitragynine. This is what can give you a boost of energy and help with fatigue. The locals know this well as its been used as a stimulant for centuries.

Vietnam kratom strains have the ability to put you in a “good” mood, helping you feel happier, cheerful, uplifting and more sociable. Many users say it gives them a sense of “well-being” and just makes you feel great.


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