Green Malay

Green Malay


The Green Malay Kratom received a huge following among Kratom users due to its many advantages and potency. Its list of benefits includes, but not limited, to the following:

  • Increased energy
  • Positive mood enhancement
  • Pain relief
  • Increased sensory and motor function
  • Enhanced motivation
  • Euphoric effects

These effects are proven to be beneficial to people who lack focus, determination, and strength. It is also best for individuals working in a stressful environment, students and individuals who have energy demanding jobs. It can also help people who suffer from various ailments such as chronic pain, migraines, back and muscle pains, sciatica and osteoporosis.

However, if taken excessively or beyond the recommended amount, side effects can also be a possibility. These adverse effects include the following:

  • Jitters
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Nausea or dizziness
  • Itchiness, excessive sweating
  • Hyper-activity

The most important thing to remember is that these side effects can also be felt if one is to take Kratom in excessive dosage. Hence, it is very important to have control and responsibility in consuming Kratom.

While these effects can have a negative impact on one’s daily life, it is far from dangerous and fleeting. In fact, there have been no cases of death or life endangerment reported concerning Kratom use.




Popularly known in Malaysia as “Keetum,” the Kratom leaves acts similarly to mu-opioids such as morphine. It is proven to provide relief from chronic pain and helps alleviate other ailments such as a migraine, back and muscle pains and even osteoporosis. Each Malay Kratom leaves contains a naturally formed alkaloid called “Mitragynine.”

Malay Kratom leaves usually takes an oval shape and easily recognizable due to its dark green tone. Typically, the veins that run along the leaves are also green but sometimes has a slightly red or white tone – with the green-white combo one also known to be the strongest one.

The Green Malay Kratom leaves, with its abundance of Mitragynine, acts as an antioxidant and increases the body’s immunity and strength to battle-damaged cells. With this, the Green Malay Kratom is becoming known as an effective natural supplement for those who suffer from cancer and users have reported of getting results that are more favorable during chemotherapy, alongside Kratom intake.


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